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02 April 2018 @ 07:51 am
I've decided to make writing a goal for April, but knowing myself I'm setting a low bar: do a 15 minute writing sprint each day. So far so good. I might actually finish this silly Starsky & Hutch smut story I started, and additionally I'd like to submit a fic for the SHareCon zine. I'm kicking around a couple of plot ideas.

C2E2 is this week! I am very excited, even though I haven't even looked at the panels yet and none of the guests are of intense interest to me. Jen is curious to see the Mark Millar and Bendis panel -- which very well might be a trainwreck -- so I'll probably do that. I like watching things out of morbid fascination.

But mostly I think I'm just excited to go to a con. My last con was in the autumn, and my last trip of any kind was December. I'm ready to spend hours in a car and get gas station coffee and stay in a hotel and see tons of cosplay.

Oh, I might even finally get an Instagram account, so I can share my cosplay photography to a wider audience. Past years I've just posted to Flickr and Tumblr. I'm also going to try to post the pictures as the con is happening, not all a day or two after the con is over, like I usually do. I can learn to ride trends like the young folk!

I did actually read some comics this month: David Walker's Power Man and Iron Fist. I borrowed 15 issues, not realizing that those were the entire run. When I finished the last issue I was thinking, "I really enjoyed this! I should go track down the next issues ASAP!" And then I read the letter column, where the writer was saying goodbye and thanking the fans.

It was funny and quirky, with a serious undertone. And Luke and Danny were so, so cute together. Why did it have to end?

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19 March 2018 @ 10:05 pm
I made a fanmix for the IDW Jem and the Holograms comic book. There's a cover and an image for each track, but please be warned each image is a gif and some of them have spinning or flickering movement.

Track images and lyrics under the cutCollapse )

Listen as a YouTube Playlist or download zip file from SendSpace

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02 March 2018 @ 09:57 am
While my January was a pretty good month, my February had its ups and downs. First I lost my wallet, which presumably dropped out of my coat pocket as I got out of a car in front of my house; by the time I realized it was missing the next morning, it had snowed several inches and the snowplow had come through. I dug around in the snow with a shovel but was unable to find it.

That very day my water heater started leaking. My mom recommended a Benjamin Plumbing, and the tech who came out said it needed to be replaced. I could have had them replace it and saved $100 in service fees, but their quote was several hundred more than some of their competitors. That said, the technician was very nice, didn't pressure us, and explained everything clearly.

So my roommate and I shopped around. We went to Home Depot, where the employee we talked to was VERY confidant that we could install a water heater ourselves, but Jen's dad and my mom were adamant that we pay professionals instead. I almost made up my mind to go with Home Depot, but at the last minute found out that their price was several hundred more than estimated by that employee (Still cheaper than Benjamin's, though).

So I ended up going with Brown H&AC out of Deerfield, because one of the owners is the partner of one of the nurses I work with, and because they were the cheapest. The guys who came to install it were fine, and it's been working since installation, so, yay? But there was $1400 I was not expecting to spend.

Then, when Jen and I were in a Big Lots picking up chips for a party, I saw a sectional that I quite liked for about $800, which is very reasonable for a sectional. My current one is in poor condition, so seeing one I liked (it's rare; I'm picky about couches) sparked me to browse several furniture stores. There was a final showdown between one at Ashley Furniture and one at Steinhafels. Both were on sale, but the one at Ashley was VERY on sale, and only $700, while the other was much nicer, but was about $1200. I hemmed and hawed for ages but finally went with the nicer, more expensive one because I liked it so much.

In related news I am trying to save money by making more of my own food. I made these chicken wraps with Thai peanut sauce on Wednesday and they were delicious. Full disclosure: I was missing some of the ingredients (ginger, cilantro, green onions).

Fandom-wise, I'm making a fancy fanmix for the IDW Jem and the Holograms comic book. It's got eleven tracks, and I'm doing a graphic for each song to illustrate how each song relates to the comic. And they're all gifs. And I am the slowest gif-maker known to man, so this won't be done for several days yet, maybe a week.

I saw Black Panther and really enjoyed it. Also saw a free screening of Hidden Figures at Alicia Ashman library, which I had not seen before, and really enjoyed that.

Oh! And then just a few days ago my wallet showed up between my storm door and regular door. The snow had almost all melted, and someone must have found it. Everything (including the small amount of cash) was still inside.

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22 February 2018 @ 02:50 pm
After the angst-fest that was my last fanvid, I wanted to do something short and fun... a Starsky & Hutch vid about how much Starsky loves to dance.

Fandom: Starsky & Hutch (TV show)
Song: Boogie Feet by Kesha
Warnings: none
Summary: Starsky just wants to dance. And what he really wants is to dance with a certain tall blond friend of his. *cough*Hutch*cough*
Notes: This is my first fanvid using a TV show as the source! I was nervous, but it turns out making "virtual" clips in Premiere Pro is pretty simple, and I only used source from maybe ten episodes.

Also viewable on AO3 | tumblr

Captions available on YouTube:

Or view on Vimeo (password is: flaunt it)

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05 February 2018 @ 07:52 pm
Fandom: Iron Man comics
Song: "Gasoline" by Halsey
Warnings: comic book violence and gore, self-harm
Summary: Set during the run of comics where Tony was Director of SHIELD, had his Extremis powers, and was frequently hallucinating the ghosts of his dead friends. Basically three and a half minutes of distilled Tony angst.
Notes: This vid is for [personal profile] sineala and Wett, who won a vid from me in the StonyTrumpsHate auction! Sineala was the one with the fantastic idea to match this song to this run of comics.

View on AO3 | Tumblr

View on YouTube (subtitles available!):

or view on Vimeo (password is "Steve"):

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02 February 2018 @ 10:55 am
Hello 2018. January was pretty good for me. I got a lot of work done on my vid, and I hope to finish it this weekend. It's basically three and a half minutes of distilled Tony angst, and I'm pretty happy about that.

I finally finished reading Gay L.A., which was a queer history of Los Angeles. Not a perfect book, but very interesting and entertaining to read. I will probably do a separate post with excerpts.

Tied-in with my interest in West Coast queer history, I've been reading old issues of The Advocate on microfilm at the library. Just 1969 and 1970 so far. It was such a different world then, and yet in many ways little has changed. This is my first time ever using microfilm, but luckily the library has a modern set-up where, instead of a projector, you view the film on a computer screen and can take instant screen grabs. I'll post some of those later.

You might have guessed that some of my interest in 1970's gay Los Angeles ties into my current fandom of Starsky & Hutch, and if you did guess that you'd be right. But I just like knowing about queer history, too. And the strongly localized approach offers some benefits. You get smaller stories along with the bigger stories, and there are fewer sweeping generalizations.

Oh, I also saw some interesting movies in January:
I, Tonya -- very engrossing and good at complicating a story that the media simplified.
The Shape of Water -- very beautiful visuals. Also, they mentioned Madison, WI!
Murder on the Orient Express -- not great, but not terrible. Overall kind of fun.
Blade Runner 2049 -- True to the spirit of the original, but much too slow and boring, with some gaping plot holes.

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14 November 2017 @ 04:02 pm
Still alive, internet. Still chugging along.

I've been a bit down lately and I think it's mostly due to work. Normally I work a 0.8 FTE, but I've been bumped up to full time for the month of November due to our clinic being severely short-staffed. I've also had to stay late two or three times per week. It's been okay; I still feel lucky to work at this clinic, but it's not easy when, out of 5 medical assistants, two are on maternity leave, and one left for another career.

So, this is a things-that-have-been-making-me-happy post!

Half Price Books had one of their coupon sales last week where they send you 40% off-any-one-item coupons good for Friday and Saturday only, and a 50% off any item for Sunday only. These are such fun sales. I can always find SOMETHING I want, even if it's just a $1 comic book. This time my haul included the first trade of Snotgirl, the first trade of Fuse, a trade of the first 14 issues of Kelly Sue DeConnick's Captain Marvel run, and a beautiful, huge hardcover collection of Saga (not sure how many issues it collects, as it is shrink-wrapped). Although I plan to read Snotgirl and Fuse before donating, all of them will probably end up as door prizes at a WisCon party.

I'm still chipping away at my current vid project. I feel bad that it's taking me as long as it has, but I enjoy it while I'm working on it. I've had some annoying setbacks due to my own technical errors -- like, accidently clicking "save" when I meant to click "save as" and writing over my previous save, and then being unable to find a way to revert it. Luckily I only lost a few hours of work with that mistake, and I did a better job the second time around, anyway.

But the fandom of my heart at the moment is Starsky & Hutch. I might do a future post about some of the fun and goofy things I've accumulated due to my current S&H obsession. (A Playgirl from 1984! An issue of The Advocate from 1975!) And I feel like a bit of a fandom explorer, because I found out that the S&H fandom is most active on Facebook, and so I actually joined a FB group for the first (?) time. I've never done fandom on FB before so it's like a whole new world to me.

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22 September 2017 @ 01:50 pm
First of all, a vid rec for a Zoë Washburne (Firefly) fanvid: It Is Always Heavier Than You Thought

Secondly, it is my birthday! I am 32. I've got some plans to hang out with friends after work tonight, but I'd also like to do something fandom-y to celebrate. Should I make a couple fandom secrets, something I haven't done in a year or so? Or should I write some self-indulgent fic? Or should I work on the vid that is my current fandom priority so I can feel good about making progress on my birthday?

What are you all up to?

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10 September 2017 @ 02:00 pm
Last week I had my fourth Frank Turner concert (first and third concert reports here)! It was held at Breese Stevens Field, an outdoor repurposed athletic field venue which I had never been to before. Luckily the weather was beautiful -- warm with clear skies and a slight breeze. There were vendors set up around the perimeter of the field selling food, drink and crafts along with the traditional concert merch. I bought a Frank Turner hoodie.

The headliner was Jason Isbell, a country folk rock singer that Jen introduced me to, and who also appears in Frank Turner's video for Love Forty Down as his tennis opponent:

I listened to Jason's two most recent albums in preparation for the concert, and grew quite fond of them, despite them being much more country than my tastes usually run. Here are my favorites so far:

Hope the High Road
If We Were Vampires
White Man's World
How to Forget

So Frank and a band called Communist Daughter were the openers, but Frank had a nice, long set. And it was nice to see a lot of people who were at the show for Jason and who were unfamiliar with Frank get to experience him for the first time. One woman near us was particularly blown away and was taking about how impressed she was afterwards.

We had sprung for the "gold circle" tickets, which meant we could be right up against the stage. We chose to sit and drink cider until Frank's set started, at which point we stood so we could jump and dance along, and so I could get closer for pictures.



At one point Frank complained about the sunlight in his eyes, so a band member slipped some sunglasses onto his face. They lasted all of 15 seconds before Frank's bouncing knocked them off.



We sat back down and split a bottle of moscato while waiting for Jason to come on, but stood back up shortly after he started. It turned out the sparrow and anchor backdrop lit up and changed colors, which was quite beautiful. His lighting and staging was all really great.

IMG_0305 IMG_0266


His wife Amanda is also a talented musician and she accompanied him with strings and vocals. It was a really nice show. I know outdoor venues are a gamble, but I'd happily go back to Breese Stevens Field. Also, I plan to keep going to Frank concerts as long as he keeps stopping in Madison, Milwaukee, and/or Chicago.

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11 June 2017 @ 10:07 pm
Thing #1: If you like fanvids and the movie Dor, you might be interested to hear that a vidder on YouTube has made two new vids for it, You Are Always Welcome To My Home and Joleen.

Thing #2: WisCon happened, and it was great. The big new thing for me this year was that I hosted an official party on behalf of my comic book club. We had two large tables covered in comics that guests could read, two tables covered in comics-themed coloring book pages, and one table full of door prizes. Everything went smoothly. Rachel and Jen co-hosted with me, and several members of the club helped out. We'll probably do it again next year, and honestly there's little I'd change, it went so well!

Also, Kelly Sue DeConnick was there!


Also I commissioned another great Carol/Wanda piece from Alex Heberling of the webcomic The Hues.

If you're wondering if I'm ever going to post the Carol/Wanda piece I commissioned at C2E2, well, I haven't received it physically yet, but there's an image of it here on Instagram.

Thing #3: Jen and I are tentatively planning a trip to the University of Iowa on Friday to peruse their fandom-related special collection archive. I've sent a request for access, and we've looked at hotels. It's only a three hour drive, but we'll probably drive down after work on Thursday and spend the night so we can squeeze as much out of Friday as possible.

At the moment I'm most interested in the early zines, correspondences, and scripts of Starsky & Hutch. Anyone following me on Tumblr might have noticed that I've fallen back into S&H fandom, and this time I've pulled Jen down with me. I showed her episodes with high levels of cradling and questionable banter, and that did the trick.

I might post more about S&H, because last time I fell in I only watched about half the episodes, and this time I'm watching a lot more of the later ones, including "Death in a Different Place" and "Manchild on the Streets" which are giving me meta thoughts. Also, what the hell is going on in this acceptance speech from 1976's People's Choice Awards?

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